Titanic Unit – Read All About It!


April 15 marks the anniversary of the Titanic sinking. Teach your students all about this legendary ship. They are bound to be engaged with this timeless story! This Titanic unit includes reading and writing activities.


Are you teaching a unit on the Titanic? Are your students fascinated by the history of the Titanic? Would you like to incorporate some non fiction reading comprehension texts into your instruction? This Titanic resource will help you engage and teach your students interesting and important facts about the history of Titanic. It will also allow your students to practice non fiction reading comprehension and writing skills.

This Titanic learning resource includes an emergent reader, a fact booklet, and several reading comprehension passages, which include written response questions. Questions include basic recall and higher-order thinking skills. These passages can be used in various settings –whole group, small group, or independent work. The passages can also be used without the comprehension checks if desired.  Also included with this resource are graphic organizers and a craft booklet, which students can use to write about their learning. Students will have a blast learning fascinating facts about the Titanic! At the conclusion of this unit, if your students would like to conduct more research about the Titanic, links to books and websites are included.

Here Is What Is Included:

Titanic Emergent Reader

Titanic Facts Booklet

Titanic Reading Passage (Easier Passage)

Titanic Reading Comprehension Questions & Answer Key

Titanic Reading Passage (More Difficult Passage)

Titanic Reading Comprehension Questions & Answer Key

Titanic Bubble Map Graphic Organizer

Titanic’s Maiden Voyage Bubble Map Graphic Organizer

The Sinking of Titanic Bubble Map Graphic Organizer

Finding Titanic Reading Passage

Finding Titanic Reading Comprehension Questions & Answer Key

Finding Titanic Bubble Map Graphic Organizer

Titanic Book Craft Instructions and Template

Titanic Book Craft Insert Pages

Titanic Book Suggestions

Titanic Website Suggestions

Answer Keys Included

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