Flat Stanley Project Guide Template


Are you thinking of doing the Flat Stanley project with your class?  If so, this Flat Stanley Project Guide includes everything you need to set up the project within your classroom and communicate details to parents.


Are you preparing to teach a unit on Flat Stanley with your class? Would you like to complete the Flat Stanley project with your class, but you’re not sure where to begin? Would you like to teach your students more about the world outside their town? If so, this Flat Stanley Project Guide has you covered!

The Flat Stanley Project Guide contains everything needed to implement the Flat Stanley project in a classroom! Throughout the project, students will learn about cities, towns, states, and countries, as well as landmarks, museums, and local histories! Students can also track Flat Stanley’s journey and mark his progress on the included map. Classes can also display postcards and letters received on a map bulletin board display.

This 31-page resource includes reading tips for the classroom, a Flat Stanley pattern with instructions, editable family letters with project instructions, a trip journal, mapping project ideas, a map to track Flat Stanley’s journey, thank you letter templates, a home writing journal, and creative writing prompts and templates!

The included EDITABLE family letters that contain project instructions, as well as the letter to accompany Flat Stanley in his adventures, are Word documents that can easily be edited to meet your class’ needs!

This resource can be used in multiple ways such as a project where students receive postcards and letters from Flat Stanley’s adventures, a project where a journal accompanies Flat Stanley on his adventures and returns after the project,  a home writing project where Flat Stanley travels home with different students each weekend. Templates for each of these project ideas are included!

Here is What is Included:

  • Flat Stanley Reading Tips
  • Flat Stanley Pattern and Craft Instructions
  • Editable Family Letters with Project Instructions
  • Trip Journal
  • Mapping Project and Ideas
  • Tracking Flat Stanley Map
  • Tracking Flat Stanley Table
  • Thank You Letter Templates
  • Home Writing Journal
  • Creative Writing Prompts and Templates

Please review the video and PDF previews to sample this packet.

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