Welcome to Primary Junction!  I’m Nicole, a First Grade teacher.  Throughout my educational career, I have taught grades Pre-K through Second.  First Grade is such a monumental year. Students become real readers during this grade and so many concepts begin to click for them. My favorite part of teaching First Grade is reading and phonics.  I love using engaging stories, charts, pictures, and videos to teach phonics.  Being a First Grade teacher is a HUGE challenge but always exciting and rewarding.

As a teacher, I believe in creating a warm environment and creating a community among my class.  I am a MASSIVE planner and am constantly researching the latest methods, engaging activities, and ways to close the data gap.  I believe in constantly staying on top of my students’ needs and providing lots of practice through different methods.
Incorporating technology is my strength.  I enjoy creating engaging and interactive lessons to tie into my instruction.

Outside of teaching, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, reading, exploring antique stores, and relaxing by watching the ID Channel ?, Netflix, and my favorite YouTube vlogs.

Thank you for stopping by!  It is my hope that Primary Junction will provide you with information and new ideas to use in your classroom.


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