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  • Celebrating Christmas and Other Winter Holidays Around The World Unit

    Celebrating Christmas & Other Holidays Around The World Unit


    This unit contains everything you need to successfully do Christmas and Other Holidays Around the World with your class. Included are passports, airline tickets, emergent readers, fluency sheets with comprehension questions, crafts (with templates included), country welcome signs, and book and music suggestions for the following countries: China, England, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Israel, Mexico, and Sweden.

  • Election Day 2020 Mini Unit for the Classroom

    Election Day 2020 Mini-Unit


    Are your students curious about the upcoming election?  Are you looking for a way to teach about the election in your classroom? This resource packet will not only inform your students of what being President means but also of the election process and current candidates. Also included are activities to get your students excited about and involved in the upcoming election!

  • Flat Stanley Project Guide for the Classroom Pattern Family Letter

    Flat Stanley Project Guide


    Are you thinking of doing the Flat Stanley project with your class?  If so, this Flat Stanley Project Guide includes everything you need to set up the project within your classroom and communicate details to parents.

  • President's Day Unit Literacy and Math

    President’s Day Unit


    Have a blast learning all about Presidents and the United States of America with this cross-curricular President’s Day Unit! This 185-page unit is packed full of reading, math, writing, and social studies lessons, ideas, and crafts.

  • Titanic Activities for Students and Kids Non Fiction Reading Comprehension Passages Unit Writing Craft Books and Websites

    Titanic Unit – Read All About It!


    April 15 marks the anniversary of the Titanic sinking. Teach your students all about this legendary ship. They are bound to be engaged with this timeless story! This Titanic unit includes reading and writing activities.

  • United States 50 States Reading Comprehension Passages Region Map Labelling Activities and Geography Map Quizzes

    United States 50 States Reading Comprehension Passages


    Are you teaching a unit on United States geography or the 50 states and capitals, or would you like to incorporate some non-fiction informational texts into your instruction? These United States 50 States Reading Comprehension Passages and Region and Geography Maps will help you engage and teach your students interesting and important facts about each of the 50 states and their capitals, as well as assess students’ knowledge of each state’s location on a map.  Each of the 50 state reading passages will also allow your students to practice reading comprehension skills.