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  • 2nd Grade Measurement Unit Measurement Activities Measurement Worksheets Lesson Plans Math Stations Measurement Assessments

    2nd Grade Measurement Unit – Measurement Activities Measurement Worksheets


    Students will be engaged throughout the included 15, step-by-step instructional lesson plans that cover all 2nd Grade Measurement objectives.  Each lesson contains differentiation and assessment options.  Art and hands-on activities are also included throughout the unit to engage students and help them make real-world applications with their learning.

  • Adding Coins QR Code Scavenger Hunt

    Adding Coins QR Code Scavenger Hunt


    Are your students learning how to add coins?  This QR Code Scavenger Hunt will allow students to review adding coins with a total value under $1.00. Included are 12 cards (with one being a ‘Start’ card). Also included are instructions and a recording sheet.

  • Autumn Leaves Are Falling Literacy and Math Classroom Resources Free

    Autumn Leaves Are Falling – Fall Unit Resources


    Celebrate the arrival of Autumn/Fall in your classroom with these fun fall-themed literacy and math resources.

  • Beatrix Potter Author Study Peter Rabbit Easter Spring Literacy and Math Unit

    Beatrix Potter Author Study


    Have a blast celebrating the literary works of Beatrix Potter with this engaging 84-page author study unit that incorporates reading, writing, and math! This Beatrix Potter Author Study covers the following works: The Tale of Peter Rabbit, The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, The Tale of Jeremy Fisher, and The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies!

  • parent handouts parent teacher conferences literacy night math night family academic night english spanish handwriting math reading letter recognition number recognition counting activities at home writing handwriting spelling sight words fine motor skills summer skills math facts

    Building Skills at Home Parent Handouts (English & Spanish) Teacher Conferences


    Are you looking for strategies and ideas you can share with parents?  Look no further!  This packet contains subject-themed parent handouts that contain tips, ideas, and strategies parents can do at home to build their child’s skills. These would be perfect to attach to a weekly newsletter, pass out at the beginning of the school year, or hand out at parent conferences or parent nights!

  • Canadian Coin Money Posters

    Canadian Coin Posters


    Are you teaching a unit on Canadian coins?  These posters featuring Canadian coins will be a great resource for students to refer back to during your unit!

  • Chevron Coin and Dollar Posters Money Classroom Resources

    Chevron Money Posters (11 Color Options!)


    This set of ten money posters for the classroom includes the penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar, one dollar coin, one dollar bill, five dollar bill, ten dollar bill, and twenty dollar bill. Print and laminate, and they will add to any math or money wall display!   Also included are three money worksheets: one counting…

  • Christmas Ball Ornament Clipart

    Christmas Ball Ornament Clipart Set


    Looking for Christmas ornament clipart? This set contains 29 individual Christmas Ball Ornament graphics!

  • Counting Segmenting and Dividing Syllables Worksheets Syllable Division Types


    Syllables are the building blocks of language, and mastering them is crucial for literacy development. Are you teaching a unit on syllables, or do your students need additional strategies to help them decode and encode words? If so, this Counting, Segmenting, and Dividing Syllables resource will help to empower your students with the essential skills they need to understand, count, identify, and divide syllables.

  • Digital Activities for Composing and Decomposing Teen Numbers


    This product contains 5 digital activities for practicing Composing and Decomposing Teen Numbers into Groups of Tens and Ones. The five activities provide students with the opportunity to practice composing and decomposing teen numbers using number bonds, identifying teen numbers using base ten blocks, writing how many tens and ones make a teen number, word problems involving teen numbers, composing teen numbers using ten frames, and writing fact families involving teen numbers.

    All 5 activities are provided for Seesaw, Google Slides, and PowerPoint. Video directions are also included with step-by-step instructions on how to access the files. Written student directions are also included with each activity.

  • Digital Activities for Place Value Tens and Ones


    With these activities, students have the opportunity to practice adding tens and ones to compose two-digit numbers, compare two-digit numbers using tens and ones and greater than, less than, and equal signs, identify tens in two-digit numbers, build and compose two-digit numbers using base ten blocks, show and understand the relationship between tens and ones, and identify the value of tens and ones.

    These no-prep digital math activities are ready to use in PowerPoint or assign in Google Slides™️ or Seesaw™️. These digital math activities make practicing place value tens and ones skills fun and engaging for students!

    All 8 activities are provided for Seesaw, Google Slides, and PowerPoint. Video directions are also included on how to access the files and assign to your students.

  • Dolch Sight Word Bottle Cap Labels Word Work Center Activity

    Dolch Sight Word Labels for Bottle Caps


    Do you teach Dolch sight words?  If so, use these fun bottle cap labels to create fun and engaging word work and center activities for your classroom!

  • Earth Day Fun Cross-Curricular Unit


    Have a blast learning all about Earth Day and why it is so important to take care of our planet with this Earth Day Fun Unit! This 76-page unit is packed full of reading, writing, social studies, and science lessons and activities.

  • Election Day 2020 Mini Unit for the Classroom

    Election Day 2020 Mini-Unit


    Are your students curious about the upcoming election?  Are you looking for a way to teach about the election in your classroom? This resource packet will not only inform your students of what being President means but also of the election process and current candidates. Also included are activities to get your students excited about and involved in the upcoming election!

  • Fall and Winter Non-Fiction Reading Passages with Comprehension Checks


    This Fall and Winter Non-Fiction Reading Passages with Comprehension Checks packet contains 76 high-interest informational texts on seasonal, science, and historical topics! The included comprehension checks give students the opportunity to practice responding to the text using multiple choice, text evidence (using crayons to highlight evidence in the text), flow charts, bubble maps, and written responses. Each topic contains a full one-page text and an accompanying full one-page comprehension check. Answer keys are also included.

  • Flat Stanley Project Guide Template Pattern Craft Editable Family Letters Map Tracking Travel Journal Writing

    Flat Stanley Project Guide Template


    Are you thinking of doing the Flat Stanley project with your class?  If so, this Flat Stanley Project Guide includes everything you need to set up the project within your classroom and communicate details to parents.