Free Saint Patrick’s Day Reading Passages

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free saint patrick's day non-fiction reading passages texts comprehension questions close reading bubble map graphic organizer second third grade 2nd 3rd

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!  One of my favorite parts about teaching during springtime is Saint Patrick’s Day.  It’s a wonderful time to incorporate Ireland, rainbows, and folklore into your curriculum. As this fun holiday approaches, I have a FREE close reading set you can use to teach students about the holiday and its’ traditions!

Included are four non-fiction texts that teach students about the holiday, Ireland, rainbows, and leprechauns.  After students finish reading the passages, they can complete the accompanying comprehension checks.  The included comprehension checks include written response questions covering skills such as main idea, text features, text evidence, and higher-level thinking responses. 

Also included is a graphic organizer to go along with each text.  These graphic organizers can be used to map students’ learning about the topics or to practice the skill of main idea and key details.

free saint patrick's day non-fiction informational texts comprehension check questions second third grade 2nd 3rd March seasonal


To download the Free set of St. Patrick’s Day non-fiction texts and comprehension checks, simply complete the form below. 

Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!