Building Hashtag Blocks Valentine Tags for Teachers

valentine tags for teachers


Are you a classroom teacher looking for valentine tags for your students’ valentines? Here’s an easy valentine idea to give your students for Valentine’s Day! I recently found these Building Blocks (which are also known as Hashtag Blocks and Plus Plus Blocks) at Target with Valentine colors and had to purchase them! I have some in my classroom for indoor recess, and my students always enjoy building with them. I also loved the idea of a valentine without candy.

I decided to create a valentine tag to go along with the Building Blocks and picked up some Valentine ribbon at Hobby Lobby to attach the tags to the tubes.

First, you will need a set of the valentine tags for teachers. Then, using a hole punch, punch a hole near the top of the tag. Finally, attach the tag to the Building Blocks tube with a ribbon of your choice!

I’m so pleased with how these valentines turned out and can’t wait to see my students’ reactions on Valentine’s Day! I hope your students will enjoy them just as much!

To download a set of the Hashtag Building Blocks valentine tags for teachers, click here. Enjoy!

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