Super Teacher Worksheets

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If you are a teacher and have ever searched the Internet for a worksheet to meet your lesson needs, chances are that you have stumbled upon Super Teacher Worksheets at one point or another.  The website has been around for several years but has undergone a few changes recently.  I had the opportunity to check out the updated website recently, and I was quite impressed!

When you visit the website, this is what you will see.  It is very organized and has a search feature, which makes it easy to find what you are looking for.  If you continue to scroll down the page, you will see category headline topics such as Math, Spelling, Language Arts, Science, etc., and then each category headline is broken down into unit topics such as Addition, Reading Comprehension, Weather, etc.

Once you click on a topic, it brings up all of their worksheets/objectives related to it.  For example, if you happen to click on “Graphic Organizers”, it will list the different type of graphic organizers they have (such as Writing Organizers) and then the different types of writing organizers they have available.  And there’s plenty to choose from!

Every subject and topic you can imagine has a worksheet on Super Teacher Worksheets!  If you need a review check, quiz, or homework assignment, you can quickly find what you need on their website!  Even better news is that almost all of the worksheets are aligned to the Common Core Standards.  Each worksheet that is aligned to a Standard is noted, along with the Standard it meets.  You can find this by clicking on the apple below the description.  If there is no apple, it isn’t aligned to a specific objective but can still be used to review or extend thinking.

Super Teacher Worksheets doesn’t just offer worksheets though.  There’s much, much more!  Some other features include:

  • Reading Comprehension Passages
  • QR Code Activities
  • I Have, Who Has Games
  • Flashcard Generator (for math facts, vocabulary words, or questions and answers)
  • Seasonal Printables
  • Teacher Generator Tools (create your own worksheets, word searches, puzzles, word scrambles, bingo games, quizzes, calendars, fill-in-the-blank tests, multiple choice tests, and much more!)
  • Teacher Helpers (lesson plan templates, award certificates, etc.)

Super Teacher Worksheets offers many worksheets for free, but to obtain full access to every worksheet as well as all of the other features they offer, you need a membership.  Memberships are only $19.95 for an individual, which ends up being only $1.67 a month!  If your school or district is interested in purchasing a license for all teachers, a yearly membership is $300 for one building, or $200 per building if multiple buildings within a district purchase together. 

Why else should you consider a membership?  New worksheets and activities are added to the website every single week!  Coming soon too is a classroom newsletter generator!  I’m sure many teachers will find it to be of great use!

Make sure to stop by Super Teacher Worksheets and check out what they have to offer!  While you’re at it, if you have a SMARTBoard in your classroom, check out their sister website Modern Chalkboard, which contains FREE SMARTBoard lessons!  I’ve tried a few out myself, and I must say, they’re pretty awesome!

Super Teacher Worksheets is a sponsor of Primary Junction, and I was provided a free membership (which I’m proudly using!) in exchange for this review.