Fraction Review Craft Activity

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Spring is the perfect time for this fraction review!  Not only will it help your students prepare for upcoming testing, it will also make an adorable art project! 

Materials (per child):

  • 4 circles in assorted colors (either use a die-cut or trace the top of a medium-sized cup)
  • 9″ x 12″ sheet of construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Crayons


Each child will need four different colored circles as shown above. When I made ours, the die-cut at school didn’t have the size of circles I wanted, so I simply traced the top of a medium-sized cup. I laid out all the circles on a table and called students over in small groups to choose four circles.

Each child needs a 9″ x 12″ sheet of construction paper as well. I used light blue for ours, but you can choose an entirely different color or let students choose their own.

Now, it’s time to make flowers! There are two types of flowers to make: tulips and carnations. Walk students through these steps! For their vase, students will need three flowers. I required my students to make one of each, and third was their choice. I think two tulips and one carnation looks best though!

To make a tulip, fold one circle in half; then, fold it in half again. Unfold and cut along one line only. You should now have two separate parts. Leave one alone. On the other, fold it in half again and cut along the fold line. To put together, the big piece goes on the bottom. Turn the two small pieces so the curves are facing each other in the inside. Glue!

For carnations, simply fold one circle in half three times. Unfold and cut along the lines until you have eight equal pieces. Glue one full circle down onto the construction paper; then, lay the eight pieces out on top of the circle and space them out BEFORE gluing!

After students have their flowers, they will go back and write the fraction part on each part of the flower. (example: each piece of the carnation would say 1/2)

Now that the flowers are glued down, it’s time to decorate the piece of construction paper! I showed my students how to draw a vase at the bottom of their paper. You’ll have to help them determine the size it needs to be. Then, draw stems and leaves to connect the flowers to the vase. Finally, let kids decorate their page!

These would make a great bulletin board or display in the hallway. They might even make an exciting class book!  Enjoy!