Sunday Funday!

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Now onto some Sunday Fun!


Molly at

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have had the Sunday Funday Linky (a fun linky to share what you’ve been up to during the past week) for awhile now, but this is my first time FINALLY participating.  Every Sunday I have planned to link up, and then Sunday rolls around, and my procrastinating self *always* thinks ‘I’ll do it tonight’, and, of course, I don’t.  I am the world’s worst procrastinator.  Seriously, it’s horrible.  This weekend, however, I wrote it in on my to-do list, and here I am up at 2AM writing this post so I won’t have the excuse of putting it off later. 

Anyhow, after that fabulous introduction, here’s a look at my life this week. 
We travelled to Kansas City last weekend for a quick getaway.   We LOVE to travel and just get away when we can.  It was my first visit, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it there.  I had a wonderful time and really want to go back sometime soon.

On our way there, we stopped by Meramec Caverns.  We recently tried caving earlier this year and loved it.  Meramec Caverns was physically easy due to the fact that it has been “paved” for visitors, but it wasn’t quite as fun as some of the other caves we have explored.  There’s a definite difference between caves that are more natural versus those that have been altered some for visitors’ pleasure. 

During our time in the city, we visited the

Kansas City Zoo

on a whim and absolutely loved it! 

It was my favorite zoo visit ever.  You are able to get up close and personal with their animals, which is both exciting and a little terrifying at times!  At this zoo, you are able to go inside the Kangaroos’ exhibit!  The Kangaroos stopped what they were doing and stared us down.  I just knew I was going to get attacked by a Kangaroo, but, shockingly (and thankfully, I might add!), I didn’t! 


We also LOVED their Polar Bear exhibit. The bears were highly entertaining.
During our visit, we also happened to stumble upon a Dead Mall.  If you’re not familiar with Dead Malls, I highly suggest you check out

this website

!  We find them so fascinating to explore.



 Highly amusing, as you can see!
Also on our visit was the


lmark Cards Visitor Center

.  We thoroughly enjoyed it!

They had a super neat machine that made gift bows.  You just hit a button and in less than 30 seconds, it makes a bow in front of you!


Also in the complex was a Crayola store.  They had some neat displays such as this one:


On our way home, we found our favorite antique store yet.  It’s called

The Brass Armadillo

.  LOVED it!  They have a huge store that is very organized and contains a lot of neat, more modern items.  We spent over 3 hours in the store and still didn’t see everything.  If you enjoy antique stores, I highly recommend it.  They have a few stores throughout the country.


Several days later, I got to see Cher!  I had wanted to see for a LONG time.  She didn’t disappoint one bit.  She was AMAZNG.  By far one of the best shows I have ever seen.  Love her!
A horrible phone pic…

It’s been a fun and busy couple of months.  School lets out for the year in a month.  Crazy.  I can’t wait for summer to get here though.  I’m beyond ready for some mental relaxation more than anything!  Anyhow, fingers are crossed that I’ll be back for next week’s linky.  Until then, I hope you have an awesome week!