Johnny Appleseed Unit


Are you planning a unit to teach your students about Johnny Appleseed and/or apples?  This 37-page Johnny Appleseed Unit contains literacy, math, social studies, and science activities.


This 37-page Johnny Appleseed Unit contains activities and lessons in Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Art, and Technology.



-Fluency, Retelling, Sequencing Ideas

-Tall Tales Lesson Suggestion

-How To Make Apple Pie Craft and Writing Activity

-Johnny Appleseed Fluency Sheet

-Johnny Appleseed Emergent Reader

-Johnny Appleseed Apple Tree Writing Paper

-Cut and Paste Story Sequence Sheet

-Cut and Paste ABC Order Sheet

-Bubble Map Graphic Organizers – Johnny Appleseed, Apples, Apple Trees, Apple Pie

-KWL Charts – Johnny Appleseed, Apples

-Tall Tales Graphic Organizer – Comparing Facts with Exaggerated Truths

-Social Studies Lesson Ideas – Community/Neighbors, Helping Others, Good Deeds, How One Person Can Impact the World

-How Can You Help Someone Who Is New to the Neighborhood or School? Writing Activity

-Good Deeds of the Week Charting Activity

-Why it is Important to do Good Deeds Writing Activity

-Science Lesson Ideas – Apple Taste-Testing Party, Apple Trees Through the Seasons, Apple Chemical Experiments, Apple Life Cycle Craft

-Parts of an Apple Labeling Sheet

-Apple Taste-Testing Parent Letter

-Graphs – Do You Like Apples?, Which Type of Apple Do You Like Best?, and Do You Like Apple Pie?

-Apple Art Suggestions – Play Dough, Apple Slices Stamps, Sun Catchers, and Mosaics

-Technology and Book Suggestions