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  • Autumn Leaves Are Falling Literacy and Math Classroom Resources Free

    Autumn Leaves Are Falling – Fall Unit Resources


    Celebrate the arrival of Autumn/Fall in your classroom with these fun fall-themed literacy and math resources.

  • Beatrix Potter Author Study Peter Rabbit Easter Spring Literacy and Math Unit

    Beatrix Potter Author Study


    Have a blast celebrating the literary works of Beatrix Potter with this engaging 84-page author study unit that incorporates reading, writing, and math! This Beatrix Potter Author Study covers the following works: The Tale of Peter Rabbit, The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, The Tale of Jeremy Fisher, and The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies!

  • Earth Day Fun Cross-Curricular Unit


    Have a blast learning all about Earth Day and why it is so important to take care of our planet with this Earth Day Fun Unit! This 76-page unit is packed full of reading, writing, social studies, and science lessons and activities.

  • Election Day 2020 Mini Unit for the Classroom

    Election Day 2020 Mini-Unit


    Are your students curious about the upcoming election?  Are you looking for a way to teach about the election in your classroom? This resource packet will not only inform your students of what being President means but also of the election process and current candidates. Also included are activities to get your students excited about and involved in the upcoming election!

  • Holidays Around The World Unit Christmas Around the World Unit Winter Holidays Kindergarten Social Studies December Geography Culture Traditions

    Holidays Around the World Unit


    This 172-page learning resource teaches students about the holiday traditions of China (Chinese New Year), The United Kingdom, Ethiopia, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Israel (Hanukkah), Mexico (Las Posadas), Sweden (St. Lucia’s Day), Australia, India (Diwali), and Kwanzaa.  Each country/holiday includes a welcome sign, passport stamp, information sheet for teachers including holiday history and book, video, and music suggestions, a craft, an emergent reader, a text-based evidence reading passage, a comprehension check consisting of multiple choice and/or written response questions, and an answer key.  Comprehension question checks include basic recall and higher-order thinking skills. The included passages can be used in a variety of settings –  whole group, small group, or independent work. The passages can also be used without the comprehension checks if desired.  Students will have a blast learning fascinating facts about different countries and holidays around the world while also learning geography skills!

  • Johnny Appleseed Unit Literacy Math Science Social Studies Activities

    Johnny Appleseed Unit


    Are you planning a unit to teach your students about Johnny Appleseed and/or apples?  This 37-page Johnny Appleseed Unit contains literacy, math, social studies, and science activities.

  • Open Wide A Dental Health Unit

    Open Wide! A Dental Health Month Unit


    Have a blast learning all about teeth and dental health with this Dental Health Unit! This 152-page unit is packed full of reading, math, science, writing, and craft activities.

  • President's Day Unit Literacy and Math

    President’s Day Unit


    Have a blast learning all about Presidents and the United States of America with this cross-curricular President’s Day Unit! This 185-page unit is packed full of reading, math, writing, and social studies lessons, ideas, and crafts.

  • Pumpkin Day Unit

    Pumpkin Day


    Are you looking for a non-scary way to have fun with your class on Halloween but without actually celebrating Halloween? If so, Pumpkin Day is the way to go! This fun-filled, educational day revolves around learning all about pumpkins.

  • St. Patrick's Day Non-Fiction Reading Comprehension Passages Free

    St Patrick’s Day Non-Fiction Reading Comprehension Passages


    Are you teaching a lesson on St. Patrick’s Day? These St. Patrick’s Day Non-Fiction Reading Comprehension Passages are easy to incorporate into any study about the holiday!

  • Valentine's Day ABC Order Literacy Center

    Valentine ABC Order Center


    Are you looking for a Valentine’s Day-themed literacy center?  This center allows students to practice ABC order skills to the third letter.  Included are cards with Valentine’s Day-themed words and a recording sheet.