Free Titanic Reading Comprehension Packet

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As a child, I was FASCINATED by the Titanic.  Sure, the movie came out during my childhood, but I loved to read books about it, too.  Fast-forward a few (ok, several) years, and I am still fascinated by Titanic.  I enjoy reading articles, visiting museums, and watching documentaries about the fated ship.  I secretly get really giddy whenever I encounter a student who shares my fascination, and, trust me, there is at least one kiddo who is a Titanic fanatic every. single. year.
Two years ago marked the 100th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic.  I created a free unit at the time to go along with the important occasion.  Since then, it has received a lot of wonderful attention and feedback.  This year, I wanted to spruce it up with some new graphics!
April 15 (Wednesday) marks the anniversary of the sinking, so this week would be a perfect opportunity to use this packet.  If you can’t work it into your plans this week, this Titanic packet will fit into your plans at any point in the year!  Consider it an opportunity to discuss non-fiction or informational texts or a fun end-of-the-year activity!
Now, onto the packet!


Included in the packet are two reading comprehension passages with questions (one of the passages is differentiated for different reading levels), an emergent reader for little ones, and a foldable book for the older students as well.

One of the Titanic reading passages included in this free packet
As for my favorite part of the Titanic unit, it would HAVE to be this fun Titanic craft and writing activity.

After students create their Titanic, the booklet opens, and they write about what they learned.  I included differentiated templates, so you can change what goes inside your booklet, if wanted.  For ours, we included a Table of Contents, Titanic Bubble Map and wrote about Titanic Facts, Titanic’s Maiden Voyage, The Sinking of Titanic, and Finding Titanic.

The book takes a little time and effort to make but it is definitely worth it, and your students will LOVE their book!
Here’s a look at the rest of the packet:

*Titanic Emergent Reader (Color Copy)
*Titanic Emergent Reader (Black and White Copy)
*Titanic Fluency Sheet (Easier Reading)
*Titanic Written Comprehension Questions
*Titanic Fluency Sheet (Challenge Reading)
*Titanic Written Comprehension Questions
*Finding Titanic Fluency Sheet
*Finding Titanic Written Comprehension Questions
*Titanic Facts Student Reader
*Titanic Bubble Map
*Titanic’s Maiden Voyage Bubble Map
*The Sinking of Titanic Bubble Map
*Finding Titanic Bubble Map
*Titanic Book Activity (Craft and Writing) – Instructions, Patterns, and Templates
*Titanic Book Suggestions
*Titanic Web Site Suggestions

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