Bouncy Bands Review

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Do you have students in your classroom who struggle with hyperactivity and/or short attention spans?  I do and am constantly trying to find new ways to accommodate my students’ needs.  Recently, I was asked to review Bouncy Bands and jumped at the opportunity.

What are Bouncy Bands?
Bouncy Bands are a device that help keep students’ feet active.  Created by Scott Ertl, an elementary school counselor in Winston-Salem, NC, Bouncy Bands allow students to prop, bounce, and stretch their legs and feet. 

How do they work?
A simple device, they are made out of heavy-duty solid rubber material and PVC pipes.  To use, teachers simply slip the tubes and PVC pipes over chair or desk legs.  The super-easy installation only takes a minute or so.  Once installed, students can place their feet on the band to bounce, prop, and/or stretch. 

How much do they cost?
Bouncy Bands for Standard Desks are $9.95 each.  Bouncy Bands for Chairs (intended for Kindergarten and First Grade students) are $12.95 each.  A special Bouncy Band for Modified Desks is also available for $14.95. 

What do we think?
As I only had a few sets, I decided to place the Bouncy Bands with students who I thought might benefit the most from them.  After a week of use, I have noticed longer attention spans.  Before using Bouncy Bands, some students would lose focus after a minute or two of work. Now, they are able to keep focus longer.  Also, I have noticed less chair rocking, which is great for safety purposes!  In the future, I can see Bouncy Bands becoming a norm for desks/chairs.  Even as an adult, I get tired of sitting in the same position for a long period of time and need to change positions.  Kids do, too, and Bouncy Bands are a great accommodation.  They would also be perfect for students who struggle with some anxiety and learning disorders!

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Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for an honest review.  The opinions expressed in this blog post are my own and are not influenced by the company or product.