Sight Word Bottle Caps

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I love Pinterest, and I recently got around to making some Pinterest finds that I thought I would share.

Awhile back I found a pin on using water bottle caps as letter tiles.  The post showed how a teacher (From Kindergarten with Love) had written letters on the lids, and the kids would use these tiles to fill in the missing letters in words.  I thought this was a great idea as I love making word activities, especially for my struggling readers.

I made myself some bottle cap letter tiles, but I also decided to make Dolch Sight Word Bottle Caps.  I do a lot of sight words work specifically with struggling readers, so I am always looking for new ways to make this fun.  So far I’ve created bottle caps for the Pre-Primer through Third Grade lists and plan to go all the way through sixth (for my higher kiddos).  As I’ve just finished them, I haven’t had much of a chance to create activities to go with them, but I plan to create some games/centers as well as just use them for fun practice.  After that I’m planning to make some math fact bottle caps. 

Here’s What You’ll Need To Make These:

  1. I designed my labels with Avery’s Print Template Maker, which is free on their website.  To be honest, otherwise, it can be a real pain trying to make your labels print out correctly, and it can still be a little bit of a pain even with the software.  It often takes a few practice copies to get everything to line up just right with your printer.
  2. After printing the labels, I stuck them on the bottle caps.  To ensure these last a long time, I covered them with Clear Acrylic Sealer and let them dry before coating them with Mod Podge.  You’ll need to make sure to cover with Clear Acrylic Sealer (orone of these items) before using Mod Podge as the Mod Podge will cause the ink to run if not protected.

(Warning: If you encounter problems, try adjusting your printer settings, and print a few copies.  It is often a matter of the paper having to be lined up just right… or whatever mood your printer is in at the moment! Ha.)

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