Making Words Folder

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If I had to choose my favorite Pinterest find (as hard as that is!), it would be this Making Words Folder from Teachers Bits and Bobs. I think it is pure genius!

I’m a big fan of making words and often do a lot of making word activities during guided reading groups, especially for my struggling readers.  Up until now I’ve always made my own letter tiles using Microsoft Word and laminating them.  Then, I put the letters needed for the activity into small baggies.  It’s always a pain as the letters get lost and things are just hard to find.

No longer is this the case!  Everything I need to do a making words lesson is included in these folders.  It’s so simple!  As the letters are made out of post-it notes, if one gets lost or messes up, all I have to do is get another sticky note!

Want To Make One?


  1. Glue sheets to folder.  After gluing, you can trim your folders to make them a little smaller if you want.  I did, but it’s not necessary!
  2. Laminate for durability.
  3. Add sticky notes!
Happy word making!