Toilet Paper Tube Caroler

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This toilet paper tube caroler is easy to make and is an adorable keepsake!


  • Toilet Paper Tube
  • Construction Paper (to cover toilet paper tube)
  • Construction Paper Circle for Face and Hands
  • Music Lyric Sheet (Google a music lyric sheet and print)
  • One Sock
  • Yarn
Depending on the age of the child, it may be easier to go ahead and prepare a lot of the materials such as the face and hands, and perhaps even the construction paper to cover the toilet paper tube. As for the lyric sheet, I just googled music lyric sheet images and printed out a sheet and cut small rectangles out.


  1. Cover the toilet paper tube with construction paper and glue. You may want to hold the area sealed with glue for a minute or two to make sure the seal holds.
  2. Draw a face on the construction paper circle. Leaving enough room for the toboggan, glue onto the toilet paper tube.
  3. Then, fold the lyric sheet in half and glue onto toilet paper tube.
  4. Glue hands on next.
  5. The next step is probably best for adults to do! Place the sock on the toilet paper tube for measuring and cut off the excess. Tie a piece of yarn near the top to complete!
Now, you have an adorable caroler to spread some cheer!