Christmas Crafts From Store-Bought Kits

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I LOVE to make crafts! I could literally spend hours and hundreds of dollars in a craft store easily. As a teacher, I love to share and incorporate my love of crafts with my kiddos. When we were in school, we had a lot more time for arts and crafts. Today, the emphasis has shifted to stronger academics (not that I completely agree with that!) and that leaves not a lot of time for crafts. I love holidays because they provide excuses to sneak in some art!

As a kid I remember making so many ornaments at school, and I want my kiddos to have that same opportunity. I do tons of handmade ornaments and displays, as I have shared and will continue to share in the coming days, but I also like to buy those store-bought craft kits to use in my classroom. I can’t help it! They’re cute, easy, and cheap! A lot of my students don’t get those kinds of experiences at home too, so I think it’s important to offer some experience with those crafts. The kids love it, too!

A lot of the kits I use are from Creative Hands. I adore their products! You can find them at AC Moore, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or any craft store! Often these craft kits are only a couple of dollars. If you don’t use them this year, definitely visit the stores after the holidays for some amazing deals for next year!