Primary Junction’s Top 3 Most-Viewed Posts

Fern Smith is having a link-up party for top 3 blog posts of the year. It’s been so much fun going through everyone’s top 3 posts, I thought I’d join in! This little blog began in August. Although it’s only four months old, it’s been a fabulous start. I’ve met a lot of fabulous teacher and parent bloggers and am looking forward to what is to come in the next year. I’ll be beginning the year with a series on phonics, which I’m very excited about! I wish everyone a wonderful New Year!

Without further ado, here are my top 3 posts of the year according to visits:

Great Websites for Kids (5,752 visits) – I am a huge advocate for technology integration in the classroom. This is a list of websites broken down by subject that would be perfect for the classroom or at home!

Phonics Generalizations (1,233 visits) – Phonics is one of the trickiest skills to teach as the English language has so many rules and exceptions! This is a list of phonics rules that have been proven to be true most of the time, which is helpful when planning instruction.

Fraction Flowers (811 visits) – This post contains step-by-step instructions for an art-integrated math lesson on fractions! It’s a ton of fun!