New Year Sale (20% Off!)

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My entire Teachers Pay Teachers store is on sale from now until January 1st. All products are on sale for 20% off including my new Measurement Unit: Length and Area!

Also on sale are items such as my popular Reading Strategies Guide, which includes over 37 pages of step-by-step reading strategies for struggling readers, which are divided up into strategies based upon needs of students.
My Halloween Unit Resources includes Language Arts and Math Centers, as well as game and craft ideas.

Lights, Camera, Action! is a verb unit supplement, with a set of flash cards for Verb Charades and a corresponding worksheet.

Last but not least, my store is full of fun and interactive Flipcharts for the Promethean ActivBoard! Flipcharts range from writing (Descriptive Sentences) to math (Geometry and Fractions) and more!

Visit my store by clicking here! Happy New Year! Starting January 1st, I will begin a new topic series on phonics! Make plans to join me!