Resource Binders: An Organization Tool For Teachers

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 Organization is an essential skill of being a teacher. Teachers often deal with more paperwork than anything else. As an organization nut, I had to have a simple way to organize all of my worksheets, parent handouts, and teacher guides. There are many different ways teachers do this such as using a filing cabinet to hold files separated by topic or storage boxes for each season that hold books and worksheets. I liked the storage box idea, but I wanted to be able to easily flip through all my resources and see right away what I have, and I needed everything organized by topic. So, I got the idea to create resource binders, and I LOVE them!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Binders for each subject
  • Sheet Protectors
  • Dividers for each subject/topic
  • Post-it Tabs
  • Label Maker

I bought binders for each subject and sheet protectors for each worksheet/handout I had, along with post-it tabs and dividers. The sheet protectors can get expensive when you’re dealing with thousands of papers, but if you buy them as you go and over a period of time, it’s not bad, and it’s totally worth it.

I separated all of my worksheets, handouts, and guides into subjects and topics. I also grouped them in order as they were taught. Then, I put them into sheet protectors and put them in their designated binder.

Afterward, I went back and separated each topic (Money, Graphing, Fractions, etc.) with a divider and went more specific to label each topic with post-it tabs for easy finding.

Finally, I used a label maker to make labels for each binder and its categories for easy and quick finding.

When lesson planning, I go straight to my resource binders, flip through to see what I have, and pull out what I need to make copies, and then put them back into their sheet protector after copying.

It takes a while to make these, so I would suggest doing it over a break or at least a weekend that you’re going to be free and dedicated to do it, but it made my teaching life so much easier and simplified.

How do you organize your resources? Share in the comments!