Great Websites for Kids

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Overall: (Common Core Standards that many states have adapted and will be using in the classroom very soon.) (Watch videos and do related activities – Subscription is required, but some parts are free.) (Subscription is required but this site offers wonderful video resources.) (Interactive site for Preschool-Kindergarten students featuring activities for all subjects) (Interactive math and reading games) (Infotoons for kids – includes a variety of subjects) (Contains links for a variety of K-12 topics) (Free educational games for kids – includes a variety of subjects)

Language Arts: (A great tool to help students study their spelling words) (Read books, a great variety of classic and contemporary, online complete with illustrations and when you finish a book, a book is donated to a child in need) (Challenge your student to become a top speller) (Covers all concepts of reading) (Dr. Seuss’ website) (Jan Brett’s website) (Listen to and watch famous actors read books) (Interactive site that teaches children how to read and comprehend. There are two parts: the first focuses on teaching children to read and the second teaches comprehension. Subscription is required.) (Great site to use to teach children phonics) (Site contains fun games to practice letters, sight words, spelling words, and more!) (Interactive sight teaches sight words, spelling words, and reading comprehension) (Printable Sight Word games and ideas on how to teach Sight Words)
Math: (Students love this website! It is geared toward older children (grade 3 and up) though.) (Challenges students to read clocks) (Lots of fun math games) (Covers all math concepts in a fun way. Subscription required.) (Help students master basic math facts) (Site contains games to practice a range of math skills per grade) (Math tutorial videos and games for all grades) (Number Munchers Game – practice addition/subtraction and multiple skills, plus more!) (Math Dictionary for Kids)
Science: (San Diego Zoo web cameras) (African animal web cameras) (Georgia Aquarium web cameras, including whale sharks!) (National Geographic Kids)
Social Studies: (Ben’s Guide to US Government) (Earth Cam—watch live video from all over the world) (The National Archives Experience)
Do you know of a great website for kids? Share it in the comments, and I will add it to the list!