Shake and Roll Addition Fact Fluency Games

January 21, 2018

As a First Grade teacher, addition and subtraction fact fluency is a skill my students must master by the end of the school year.  I am always researching for and implementing new methods of teaching math facts and math fact activities.  Mastery always boils down to practice.  The more practice and exposure a student has to math facts, they better they will become.  

One way I make sure my students have ample practice to math facts is to include math fact games in my Daily 5 Math rotations.  Shake and Roll is an addition game that does just that!  I introduce this game to my students at the beginning of the year and just simply change out the game board and pieces every month.  This way students are familiar with the game and rules (and I don't have to spend time teaching a new game) but the change in the graphics and game pieces keeps things fresh and fun!

Materials Needed:
2 Die (Numbers 1-6)
22 Game Pieces (11 for each student)

Players Per Game:

Game Instructions:
1. Each student picks a side of the game board.

2. Each student covers their side with a game piece on each number.

3.  Partners take turns rolling two die and adding the two numbers together.  Whatever the sum is, they uncover that number on their side of the board.  The first player to uncover all of their pieces wins.  If the student rolls a sum already uncovered, they can not remove any game piece during that turn.

My students love this game!  If you are interested in this game for your students, you can check it out here!

This packet contains nine seasonal game boards (with 3 alternative boards for October, November, and December) for a one-digit addition dice game, so it will last you ALL school year!  The game covers sums from 2-12.  This partner game offers great practice for addition fact fluency and could easily be implemented into math lessons, small group lessons, or math centers.  Enjoy!

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