Math Fact Clip Cards: Addition and Subtraction to 10

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As I mentioned in my previous post, addition and subtraction fact fluency is a skill my First Grade students must master by the end of the school year.  I am always researching and implementing new methods of teaching math facts.  Mastery always boils down to practice.  The more practice and exposure a student has to math facts, they better they will become.  

One way I make sure my students have ample practice to math facts is to include math fact games in my Daily 5 Math rotations.  Math Fact Clip Cards are an activity I include in my Math By Myself station.  As with most of my station activities, I introduce these at the beginning of the year and then just simply change out the cards every month.  My students really enjoy using clip cards and they are super easy to implement on my part. 

Since addition and subtraction to 10 is a skill my students must master by the end of the year, I created monthly math fact clip cards that cover every math fact in this area.  Students simply read the math fact and clip a clothespin to the correct answer.  You can easily make this a self-check activity by writing the answer on the back of the cards.  

I have created a set of clip cards for each month in the school year.

August Clip Cards – This packet could be used in either August or September, depending on when your school year begins!

June Clip Cards – These cards could be used in either June, July, or August, depending upon your needs!

I have also put together a bundle containing each month’s set of clip cards if you are interested.  It contains all 10 packets at a $5 discount!  You can purchase the bundle here