Pre-K Christmas Counting Activity

December 22, 2014

Here's a fun Christmas-themed activity for Preschool or Pre-K students.  Some Kindergarten students might also benefit from this activity.

Objective: Count to 12, identify numbers 1-12, and develop and strengthen fine motor skills

Materials: Christmas Trees with Stars (download here), Pom-poms, tweezers

Prep Instructions
1.Print six copies of the trees, along with one copy of the stars. 2. Cut out the trees and stars.
3. Glue each numbered star to its matching dotted star.
4. Then, glue the stars to the tops of the trees.
5. Laminate.
6. Place pom-poms in a bowl. Put a pair of tweezers in each bowl.

Center Instructions
1. Students will take turns getting a tree.
2. They will have to identify the number on each star. Then, count out that amount of pom-poms with the tweezers. They will place each pom-pom on the tree using tweezers.

3. To check their work, students can flip the tree over to count the dots. They number of pom-poms should match the number of dots.


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