First Grade Christmas Sight Word Game

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 Here is a FREE Christmas-themed Four-in-a-Row Sight Word Game!  Four-in-a-Row plays just like Connect Four. Students must first read a word correctly to place one of their chips on the word. The first student to get four words in a row (diagonal, vertical, horizontal) wins. Students should work to block their opponent! For chips, I use either seasonal erasers, bingo chips, handmade chips (paper circles laminated), or plastic counting chips.

I use both the Dolch and Fry Sight Word Lists.  I find both lists to contain many of the same words.  In creating these board games, I had an end of First Grade learner in mind, so only the Dolch Pre-Primer – First Grade Sight Words and Fry First Two Hundred Sight Words are included. Words from both lists are mixed on the boards, and I tried to arrange them from least difficult to most difficult. I created these game boards with my students in mind but hope you might be able to use them with yours as well!

To download the game boards, complete the form below.  The packet contains eight cards designed to cover multiple word lists.