Flat Stanley Project Guide

January 03, 2012

I've mentioned before what a fan I am of the Flat Stanley series, especially the original book. It's such a fun series, and every class I have done the books with adores them as much as I do. For the past day or so I've worked on updating my Flat Stanley packet and am happy to say it is finished!

This Flat Stanley Project Packet includes everything you need to do the mailing project with your class!
Included are:

  • a detailed letter to parents describing the project
  • a project letter to be sent to participators with Flat Stanley
  • a Where in the World Have You Been, Flat Stanley journal for participators to fill out
  • Suggestions for reading Flat Stanley in class
  • Flat Stanley Pattern
  • Photos of Flat Stanley Project
  • Flat Stanley Map Bulletin Board Idea
  • Map/Geography Idea for Students
  • Thank You Letter Template (in color and black-and-white) for students to send to participators
  • Four Writing Prompts

The three letters are in Word Document format and the buyer can easily edit them to include additional information related to their class, as well as teacher and project date information.
Classroom or Hallway Map Bulletin Board Idea

Editable Letters to Send Home and with Flat Stanley During His Journey

You can purchase my Flat Stanley Project Guide at Teachers Pay Teachers or Teacher's Notebook. Yes, I have just opened my Teacher's Notebook store! I'm so excited! Visit me here.

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