Fractions Unit Promethean Activboard Flipchart Packet


Are you teaching a unit on fractions?  If so, these 5 Fractions Unit Promethean ActivBoard flipcharts will engage your students and allow them hands-on practice with the skills they are learning in your classroom!


This bundle contains 5 Fraction Unit Promethean ActivBoard flipcharts! It covers the following topics:

*Whole and Equal Parts

*Unit Fractions and Regions

*Review – Writing Fractions and Shaded VS. Non-Shaded Parts

*Fractions of a Set

*Estimating Fractional Parts of a Whole


The flipcharts serve as an introduction and/or review tool and do not contain any interactive opportunities for ActivExpession.


Please make sure you have ActivInspire software prior to purchase. If you have any questions, please ask prior to purchase.