Whole Brain Teaching Super Improver Wall

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After using the clipchart system in my classroom for several years, I wanted a change.  I often felt that it was the same students who clipped up every day and the same students who clipped down every day.  For the students who clipped down every day, it stressed them out, and it also got to the point where I felt like I was constantly having to contact parents about these negative behaviors. 

Several years ago I read the Whole Brain Teaching book by Chris Biffle.  I loved his idea of a Super Improver Wall but, at the time, it felt overwhelming trying to implement this system in my classroom.  When you are moving classrooms, decorating classrooms, switching grade levels, etc. there is just so much that consumes your time, and I just didn’t have the time to research, think about, and implement The Super Improver Wall.

Flash-forward to last summer when I attended a Whole Brain Teaching workshop.  A lot of the practices mentioned at the workshop, I had already implemented in my classroom such as callbacks and classroom rules.  What I learned at the workshop was how to truly design a Whole Brain Teaching lesson, fully implement mirror with words, and real examples of The Super Improver Wall!  When I left the workshop, I was determined to get rid of the clipchart system and implement The Super Improver Wall!
What is a Super Improver Wall?
This is a classroom reward system.  Students are in a competition against themselves all year long.  They are rewarded for making improvements and meeting or exceeding goals. These improvements may be related to behavior, attitude, responsibility, academics, etc.  We have a ten-step ladder in place.  Each time a student makes an improvement, they will receive a star in their ten frames. Every ten improvements/stars= moving up a level in the Super Improver Wall.  Students can also receive a star for Whole Brain Teaching Their ultimate goal is to make it to the Living Legend Level.  To get to this level, students will have to make 100 improvements throughout the school year.  Positive reinforcement and goal setting are our goals! 
Super Improver Levels:
7.MVK (Most Valuable Kid)
8.Super Star
9.Hall of Fame
10.Living Legend

Earning a star is a coveted moment! It takes practice and hard work to achieve a goal! Achieving goals does not happen in a day, so students do not receive a star every day. In fact, it might take a little time to earn stars. Moving up a level is a BIG DEAL. I want students to really feel proud of their accomplishments, and doing so after a little hard work will make them feel very accomplished! Just as in real life, everyone might not make it to Living Legend Status, and that is OKAY!!! We are so proud of all student accomplishments and improvements. Every improvement should be celebrated!

•When students move up a level, they receive a small treat and a certificate to bring home. In class, we also do a chant for them!

Living Legend Status – The student’s picture goes on my wall for forever!

Along The Way: Surprise incentives to move up levels

Misbehaviors: I use positive reinforcement in our classroom. As we know, though, young children sometimes make poor choices. It is our job as parents/guardians/teachers to teach and help them make good choices. Sometimes consequences are necessary.

If a student misbehaves:
Practice Box: I will make a mark in the box and discuss with the student privately. If I see an improvement, I can erase from the practice box. If not, students may be asked to take a “Thought Walk” at recess and then have a short discussion with me.

Parent Contact: If a student continues to have difficulty with a rule, I will contact you.

Whole Class Rewards:
Scoreboard: For whole classroom incentive, we have a Scoreboard. It has a smile and a frown side. When the class is going well, they earn a smile tally; if not, they earn a frown tally. After a certain number of class wins (ending the day with more smileys than frownies), the class will get a short dance party. As with the Super Improver Wall, there are different Scoreboard Levels. Surprises and incentives await students at each level!

If you are interested in implementing The Super Improver Wall in your classroom, I have put together a FREE packet of my Super Improver Wall display, student ten frames to mark improvements, a letter to send home when students level up, and information about how I display the Super Improver Wall in my classroom. 

To download, click here. Enjoy!