Free Pre-K Assessment

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Are you a Pre-K or Preschool Teacher?  Or maybe a parent who wants to help their child prepare for Kindergarten?  If so, this free Pre-K assessment and data tracker will help keep you accountable for your student/child’s learning! 

Free Pre-K Assessment

This free Pre-K assessment assesses the following skill areas:
  • name writing
  • color identification
  • letter identification (both uppercase and lowercase)
  • letter sounds
  • counting
  • shape identification
  • subitizing
  • letter formation (both uppercase and lowercase letters)
To give the assessment, I suggest making a copy for each child, as well one single copy for all students to refer to.  I would copy the assessment front/back, but for blog picture purposes I printed it on two different sheets! Students will need to mark on their actual copy for only the handwritten name and letter formation parts.  For the rest of the assessment, students should refer to the copy for all students, while the teacher marks the child’s results on the child’s assessment sheet.

What should my child know for Kindergarten?

After assessing a student, there are spaces on the assessment sheet to tally the results.  Then, simply transfer the data to the class datasheet.  The datasheet is divided into three sections for assessing students at the beginning of the school year, mid-year, and end of the school year.  Having all of this information on the same sheet will allow you to easily track student progress.

I hope this assessment will help you monitor your student/child’s progress.  Keeping track of data is a great way to know which areas to work on with a child. 
If you are the parent of a youngster, this assessment will give you an idea of skills you can practice with your child, but please don’t feel they have to know ALL of this before Kindergarten.  It will simply give you ideas of skills to expose your child to in everyday learning. 

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