Johnny Appleseed!

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I can’t believe September is here!  I stepped outside the other day and was SHOCKED to see leaves changing colors and falling on the ground!  When did this happen?  Temperatures are still in the 90s!  I feel like the leaves started changing overnight.  It is September though, and that means autumn will be here before we know it.  With autumn comes Johnny Appleseed!

Speaking of Johnny, I’ve created a Johnny Appleseed unit for Grades 1-2!  It includes lesson activities for all subjects, including reading, science, and writing projects.  One of my favorite activities is this How To Make Apple Pie Craft and Writing Activity:

 Tall Tales Lesson Activity


Reading and Writing Activities

Fluency Sheet and Emerging Reader

 Here’s a look at what is included:
-Fluency, Retelling, Sequencing Ideas
-Tall Tales Lesson Suggestion
-How To Make Apple Pie Craft and Writing Activity
-Johnny Appleseed Fluency Sheet
-Johnny Appleseed Emergent Reader
-Johnny Appleseed Apple Tree Writing Paper
-Cut and Paste Story Sequence Sheet
-Cut and Paste ABC Order Sheet
-Bubble Map Graphic Organizers – Johnny Appleseed, Apples, Apple Trees, Apple Pie
-KWL Charts – Johnny Appleseed, Apples
-Tall Tales Graphic Organizer – Comparing Facts with Exaggerated Truths
-Social Studies Lesson Ideas – Community/Neighbors, Helping Others, Good Deeds, How One Person Can Impact the World
-How Can You Help Someone Who Is New to the Neighborhood or School? Writing Activity
-Good Deeds of the Week Charting Activity
-Why it is Important to do Good Deeds Writing Activity
-Science Lesson Ideas – Apple Taste-Testing Party, Apple Trees Through the Seasons, Apple Chemical Experiments, Apple Life Cycle Craft
-Parts of an Apple Labeling Sheet
-Apple Taste-Testing Parent Letter
-Graphs – Do You Like Apples?, Which Type of Apple Do You Like Best?, and Do You Like Apple Pie?
-Apple Art Suggestions – Play Dough, Apple Slices Stamps, Sun Catchers, and Mosaics
-Technology and Book Suggestions

How do you cover Johnny Appleseed in your classroom?