Earth Day Madness!

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IT IS FINALLY SPRING! After a harsh winter, we are in our first week of 70+ weather each day.  Today, it even hit 80!  Woo-ho!  To say I am loving it would be quite the understatement! 
Speaking of spring, Earth Day is only two weeks away. In the past, I’ve always based my Earth Day lessons and activities around Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax.  I once had a Lorax unit with all of the activities included, but since Seuss Enterprises doesn’t want teachers creating resources to go with their books (grrrr!), that is no more. 
The good news is that I updated that unit and replaced all the Lorax references with an Earth Day theme!  The unit can be used by itself or with an Earth Day-themed book, and if you’d like to use The Lorax, it will work PERFECTLY with it as well!

I try to find fun and interesting ways to incorporate Common Core Standards into my lessons.  With Earth Day in mind, I incorporated personification into this unit.  In the following activity, I gave students a noun and a verb, and they had to use them to create a sentence with personification.  I find it to be an easy introduction to personification, especially for the younger ones.  It really helps them grasp the concept and figure out how they can use it in their own writing.  This activity really helps to guide them.
Earth Day-themed Personification Sentence Writing Activity
With it being Earth Day, I also incorporate lots of activities about the Earth and how we can personally make a difference.  Below is a writing and craft activity that can be used with both the younger and older kids.
Earth Craft and Responding to Topic Writing Activity
Below is another writing activity.  This can be used with the same craft pictured above.  In this case though, students use it to create a fact book.  This would work great with the younger kiddos. 
Earth Craft and Fact Book Writing Activity
That’s just a taste of what is included.  For a look at the rest of the packet, read on below!
This Unit Includes:
*Earth Day Fluency Sheet with Written Comprehension Questions
*Earth Day Emergent Reader
*Earth Day ABC Order Color, Cut, & Paste Activity
*Earth Day Word Search
*Earth Day Making Words Sheet
*Earth Day Craft with Responding To Topic Writing Activity(includes 5 topics!), & Earth Fact Book Writing Activity
*Earth Bubble Map
*Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle Fluency Sheet with Written Comprehension Questions
*Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle Emergent Reader
*Recycling Bubble Map
*Mother Nature Fluency Sheet with Written Comprehension Questions
*Personification Sentence Writing Activity
*Personification Poster
*Mother Nature Poem Writing Activity and Bubble Map
*Environmental/Social Issue Research Project (with service project idea included!)
*Needs vs. Wants Magazine Activity
*Needs vs. Wants Color, Cut, & Paste Sheet
*Products Made Out Of Trees Listing Sheet
*Recycled Art Project with Included Writing Activity
*Bird Houses/Helper Project Idea
*Leaf Rubbing Project Idea
*Tree Age Calculations Project Idea
*Earth Day Book Suggestion with Included Activity Sheets (Rhyming Words, Context Clues Lesson and Activity, Character Development, Visualizing A Character, Comparing and Contrasting Characters, Writing A Continuation, Plot (Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then)
*Earth Day Book Suggestions
*Earth Day Web Site Suggestions
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I hope you are having a FANTASTIC week! đŸ™‚