Throwback Thursday: Dental Health Month

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It’s Throwback Thursday, and I’m throwing back to 2012 when I first blogged about my love for teaching Dental Health.  February is my favorite time of the year to teach!  There is so much fun stuff to cover!  Read on to find out some of the fun things I like to do in February!

Open Wide! A Dental Health Unit:

Students learn all about the parts of a tooth and make this fun diagram.

I love this little activity! After completing the unit, students write an informative paper on what they learned about teeth (often from a dentist’s perspective) and make these cute little versions of themselves as dentists.

My unit also includes a bunch of math and literacy centers!
Dental Exam Fractions

Tooth Match Up (matching number, number word, expanded form, and base ten)

Dental Supply Shopping Trip – Adding Money

What Time is My Dental Appointment? – Telling Time to the 5-minute interval

Parts of Speech Brush Up – Sorting Words Into Nouns, Adjectives, and Verbs

Toothy Plurals – adding -es and -s

Here’s a look at everything that is included!
*Dark Soda/Acid Experiment for Brushing Teeth (also includes writing and observation activities)
*Dental Sealant Experiment (includes writing activity)
*Fluoride Experiment (includes writing and Scientific Method activities)
*Why is it so Important to Floss? Experiment (includes writing and Scientific Method activities)
*How Does Toothpaste Protect Our Teeth? Experiment (includes writing and prediction activities)

*7 Fluency Sheets with Written Response Comprehension Questions (Taking Care of Your Teeth, How to Brush, Floss, and Rinse, A Visit to the Dentist, Types of Teeth, All About Primary and Permanent Teeth, Parts of a Tooth, and What is a Cavity?)
*Why You Should Floss Opinion Writing Activity, Bubble Map, and Craft with Provided Template
*Brushing Poem/Chant
*Taking Care of Teeth (Brush, Floss, Rinse) Weekly Chart
*Taking Care of Teeth Bubble Map
*Brushing vs. Flossing Double Bubble Map
*Types of Teeth Diagram
*3D Mouth Model Craft (Types of Teeth)
*Teeth Bubble and Tree Maps
*Parts of a Tooth Craft with Provided Template
*What is a Cavity? Informative Writing Activity, Cavity Bubble and Tree Maps, and Craft with Provided Template
*How to Take Care of Your Teeth Informative Writing Activity (could also be written in perspective of a dentist), Dentist Bubble and Tree Maps, and Dentist Craft with Provided Template
*Eating Healthy Foods Lesson and Activity
*Making Words with ‘Dentist’ Sheet
*Making Words with ‘Cavity’ Sheet
*Dental ABC Order Sheet
*Dental Spelling Pictures Sheet
*My Tooth Book – Student Reader (in color and black and white)
*Tooth by Tooth Skip Counting Center (5’s, 10’s, and 100’s)
*Tooth Match Up Center (Number, Number Word, Expanded Form, and Base Ten)
*Dental Exam Fractions Center (Writing Fractions with an optional Fractions of a Whole Extension Sheet)
*Dental Supply Shopping Trip Center (Adding Money)
*What Time is My Dentist Appointment? Center (Telling Time – reading an analog clock to 5-minute intervals) – also includes an optional drawing hour/minute hands to 5-minute intervals extension sheet
*Parts of Speech Brush Up Center (Categorizing Words as Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives)
*Toothy Plurals Center (Adding -es and -s)
*Double E/Long E Phonics Activity – Includes Poster, Read the Room Cards and Sheet, and Class Book Cover
*What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with All Those Teeth? Narrative Writing Activity, Bubble Map, Craft with Provided Template, and Class Book Cover
*Book Suggestions
*Web Site Suggestions

Last year, I added a new update that includes font changes and seven “worksheets” to accompany the included science experiments.  The new sheets cover activities including writing, making predictions, the Scientific Method, recording observations, and more! 

To purchase, please visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store or Teacher’s Notebook store!