Using QR Codes in the Classroom – Part 5: Additional Ideas

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Part 5: Additional Ideas
I’m going to be wrapping up my series on using QR Codes in the classroom today.  In my recent posts I’ve covered many ways you can use QR Codes in your instruction.  Today, I’m going to share some other ways teachers can use them.


Open House/Parent Night – Post flyers throughout the school and your classroom describing what students do in certain special areas (gym, library, etc.) and centers.  At the end of the school year, you could have students make videos describing what they do in each subject, class rules, centers, etc. and make them into QR Codes for next year’s students and parents to view.

As stated in the previous post, you can also have students describe their classwork.  Display on Parent Nights!

Absentee Calendar – Create a calendar to post makeup work.  Use a QR Code to connect students to an assessment, website, or video/presentation showing the day’s lessons.

Yearbooks – If you’re on the yearbook committee, consider placing QR Codes in the yearbook.  Students can scan the codes to watch videos of school events such as carnivals, plays, celebrations, etc.  As long as the videos are hosted on a website, students will always be able to go back and watch them!

End of the Year Videos – I always make a video slideshow to show students and parents at the end of the school year.  I put the video on a DVD for each family.  You could also upload the video online, and give parents a QR Code connecting to it.

Why should you use QR Codes in the classroom? 

  • They’re super convenient!  
  • They get students up and moving.
  • They are new.
  • Using them helps meet 21st Century Learning Goals! 

So, you might be thinking, “Well, all of this sounds great, but there’s no way I can get a set of iPod Touches or iPads for my class.”
Believe it or not, there are some things you can do! 
  • If your school/district does not have a Bring Your Own Technology policy, see about having one implemented.  This works well with older students.  Students with an iPad or smart phone are allowed to use them in class for learning purposes.
  • Consider requesting them on  Start out with a small request, and promote the link on your Facebook page and in your class newsletter. 
  • Ask parents to donate.  No, I don’t mean to ask parents to spend hundreds of dollars on an item to be used in the classroom.  Instead, wait until Apple releases a new device.  Ask parents to donate any old items that they might be replacing with an upgrade.  Make sure to explain how you will be using these items.  Molly from Lucky to Be in First has a great post on her blog about how she did this.
That’s all, folks!  Thanks so much for joining me for this series.  I hope you’ve learned some new ideas you might want to incorporate into your classroom.  If you have any questions on using QR Codes, please feel free to leave me a comment or send me an email!


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