Election Day 2012

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Updated for 2020:

With the second of three Presidential debates tonight as well as today marking only three weeks left until Election Day, I recently began to think about how to incorporate the election process and nominees into the classroom.  Since young kiddos usually don’t really understand much of what is going on, I’ve created fluency readers and activities to not only teach my kiddos what an election is, but also what a President does, who the nominees are, and what it means to be a voter.  If you’re familiar my with blog, you know how much I love to teach history/current events!

Since some of the Election Day materials I have covered fit well with any Presidential unit, I decided to add the Election packet I created to my President’s Day Unit.  If you have already purchased my President’s Day Unit, all you need to do is check your purchases and download the newly revised version!  If you don’t already have my President’s Day Unit, you will get both the unit for President’s Day and Election Day in one packet – over 197 pages in all!  You can also purchase the Election Day Mini-Unit packet by itself here.

Updated for 2020:

Election Day Mini-Unit Includes:

*What Does The President Do? Emergent Reader
*Who is Donald Trump? Emergent Reader
*Who is Joseph Biden? Emergent Reader
*Donald Trump Biography Passage (3 Differentiated Texts)
*Joseph Biden Biography Passage (3 Differentiated Texts)
*To Be President/To Be A Voter Passages
*Bubble Maps: Donald Trump, Joseph Biden, Presidents, Donald Trump VS. Joseph Biden Double Bubble Map, Sitting President VS. Nominee for President Double Bubble Map
*Who Will Win The Presidential Election? Graphing Sheets – 2 Differentiated Sheets
*Election Day ABC Order Sheet – Color, Cut, and Paste Activity
*Election Day Making Words Sheet
*2 Posters: Election Day and Vote Here
*Voter Identification Cards
*I Voted Badge
*Ballots (Two to choose from)
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