Open Wide! Dental Health Unit

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February is my favorite month to teach. Although it’s the shortest month, it is packed with fun material: Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, 100th Day of School, President’s Day, Black History Month, and Dental Health Month! Phew… did I leave anything out?

After President’s Day, my favorite February unit is Dental Health! I love Dental Health because it gives me the chance to cover a lot of science.  It is a BLAST conducting experiment after experiment, writing about experiments, and just plain learning! Since I love this unit so much I put together a packet and finally got around to posting it yesterday!

Open Wide! A Dental Health Unit:
Students learn all about the parts of a tooth and make this fun diagram.

I love this little activity! After completing the unit, students write an informative paper on what they learned about teeth (often from a dentist’s perspective) and make these cute little versions of themselves as dentists.

My unit also includes a bunch of math and literacy centers!
Dental Exam Fractions

Tooth Match Up (matching number, number word, expanded form, and base ten)

Dental Supply Shopping Trip – Adding Money

What Time is My Dental Appointment? – Telling Time to the 5-minute interval

Parts of Speech Brush Up – Sorting Words Into Nouns, Adjectives, and Verbs

Toothy Plurals – adding -es and -s

Here’s a look at everything that is included!
*Dark Soda/Acid Experiment for Brushing Teeth (also includes writing and observation activities)
*Dental Sealant Experiment (includes writing activity)
*Fluoride Experiment (includes writing and Scientific Method activities)
*Why is it so Important to Floss? Experiment (includes writing and Scientific Method activities)
*How Does Toothpaste Protect Our Teeth? Experiment (includes writing and prediction activities)

*7 Fluency Sheets with Written Response Comprehension Questions (Taking Care of Your Teeth, How to Brush, Floss, and Rinse, A Visit to the Dentist, Types of Teeth, All About Primary and Permanent Teeth, Parts of a Tooth, and What is a Cavity?)
*Why You Should Floss Opinion Writing Activity, Bubble Map, and Craft with Provided Template
*Brushing Poem/Chant
*Taking Care of Teeth (Brush, Floss, Rinse) Weekly Chart
*Taking Care of Teeth Bubble Map
*Brushing vs. Flossing Double Bubble Map
*Types of Teeth Diagram
*3D Mouth Model Craft (Types of Teeth)
*Teeth Bubble and Tree Maps
*Parts of a Tooth Craft with Provided Template
*What is a Cavity? Informative Writing Activity, Cavity Bubble and Tree Maps, and Craft with Provided Template
*How to Take Care of Your Teeth Informative Writing Activity (could also be written in perspective of a dentist), Dentist Bubble and Tree Maps, and Dentist Craft with Provided Template
*Eating Healthy Foods Lesson and Activity
*Making Words with ‘Dentist’ Sheet
*Making Words with ‘Cavity’ Sheet
*Dental ABC Order Sheet
*Dental Spelling Pictures Sheet
*My Tooth Book – Student Reader (in color and black and white)
*Tooth by Tooth Skip Counting Center (5’s, 10’s, and 100’s)
*Tooth Match Up Center (Number, Number Word, Expanded Form, and Base Ten)
*Dental Exam Fractions Center (Writing Fractions with an optional Fractions of a Whole Extension Sheet)
*Dental Supply Shopping Trip Center (Adding Money)
*What Time is My Dentist Appointment? Center (Telling Time – reading an analog clock to 5-minute intervals) – also includes an optional drawing hour/minute hands to 5-minute intervals extension sheet
*Parts of Speech Brush Up Center (Categorizing Words as Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives)
*Toothy Plurals Center (Adding -es and -s)
*Double E/Long E Phonics Activity – Includes Poster, Read the Room Cards and Sheet, and Class Book Cover
*What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with All Those Teeth? Narrative Writing Activity, Bubble Map, Craft with Provided Template, and Class Book Cover
*Book Suggestions
*Web Site Suggestions

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