Officer Buckle and Gloria

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Here is a fun activity for Officer Buckle and Gloria by the fabulous Peggy Rathmann.  I love to do an author study on Peggy and read some of her other books such as Good Night, Gorilla (we also watched the video on Discovery Streaming – you can also find it here on YouTube.), Ruby and the Copyright (my favorite!), 10 Minutes till Bedtime (we were actually late to lunch one day because we got so caught up in this book’s illustrations), and The Day the Babies Crawled Away.

Since Officer Buckle and Gloria focuses on safety tips, I spend a good part of the unit talking about safety.  In the past a real police officer and his dog come to visit my class! Before the officer visited though we brainstormed some safety tips we should always follow at both school and home. After we covered our ENTIRE white board in safety tips, each student picked one to do a little activity with. They wrote their safety tips on this star cut-out and drew a picture to go along with it. They turned out SO adorable we decided to put them up in the hallway.

This future author-illustrator-model wrote “Always stay with your mom because you could get lost” and drew a picture of her and her mom grocery shopping.
This one is my favorite! Beside his oh-so adorable illustrations, he wrote “Never say bad words when you are a kid!” Too cute!