Scaredy Squirrel

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Have you heard of Scaredy Squirrel? He’s another character I came across a little over two years ago, and I just love him! Scaredy Squirrel is what his name implies. He is afraid of many different things in the world and often stays in his tree to avoid his fears. Throughout each book, he identifies his fears, makes an emergency plan, and faces his fears. The books are often told through many lists and are very organized.

The book series by Melanie Watt is my absolute favorite of all recent children’s publications. The books are adorably cute and funny, and they allow for such great interaction and discussion among readers. Kids absolutely love the series as well!

Cartoon Network began airing the Scaredy Squirrel TV series, which is loosely based on the books, in April 2011, so be sure to look out for the show as well!

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