Robert Munsch


I’m sure you have heard of Robert Munsch before, at least through his book, Love You Forever. What you might not know is that he is a classic children’s author with almost all of his books featuring hilarious plots and exaggerated lines, which make his books perfect read alouds. Also, his books always have an expected, repetitive line, so kids are allowed to join in the read aloud. I have many favorite children’s authors, but if I had to pick one that rose above all the others, it would be Robert Munsch. His books were a staple of my childhood, and I continue to love them as much today as I did then. While teaching, I always shared his books with my students and found many of them were not familiar with his work (:0 – oh no!), but upon sharing the books, they were absolutely engrossed and always asked for more. I think every child should know his work, and I guarantee there will be a Robert Munsch book they love!

Here are some of my favorites:

What child isn’t fascinated by markers and doesn’t attempt to color on themselves at some point? Well, Brigid is not unlike any normal child except for the fact she has some super-permanent ink markers and must use some creativity to solve some major problems that arise!

Thomas’ Snowsuit is another Munsch classic! It is the hilarious story of a little boy who absolutely does not want to wear his snowsuit!

Every parent knows exactly what this story is about! This book would be great for preschool-age children.

This wonderful story teaches children to be individuals and not follow the crowd. When Stephanie shows up at school wearing a ponytail, everyone hates it. The next day though, everyone has a ponytail! Over several days, Stephanie changes her hairdo only to find everyone else copying her the following day. You’ll have to read to find out how this story ends!

What parent hasn’t experienced the grocery store tantrum? Tyya’s dad won’t buy anything “good” at the store, but he ends up leaving with something money could never buy.

This book tells the story of a little girl who finds a baby in a hole in her sandbox and tries to find her a home. In the end, she finds a truck driver who gives her a home. Some find the story disturbing because of this, but I just remember thinking as a child it was such a sweet story. Kids will enjoy the sweet story, and if anything, this story opens up a great discussion about who to trust and what and who to go to if a child needs something.

This book tells the story of a little boy who takes his baby sister to school for show and tell and the hilarious chaos that ensues.

Aaron hates his tangled hair, so his hair decides to leave! Kids will love the chaos that occurs afterward.

Last but definitely not least, Pigs is the story of Megan who is told to feed the pigs but not open the gate! You can imagine what she does and the hilarious events that happen as a result!

What is your favorite Robert Munsch book?
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