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I love fun Science experiments, and it doesn’t get too much more fun than Oobleck! Oobleck is another term for a cornstarch and water experiment. It’s a perfect lesson for any introduction to science or solids/liquids/suspension unit. So simple but way fun!


  • Cornstarch
  • Water
  • 2 Clear Cups/Bowl
  • Food Coloring (Optional – if used, add to water first)

Here’s What To Do:

  1. In one cup pour water. Fill the other cup with cornstarch.
  2. Let kids explore each one separately. How do they feel and smell? You might want to have students write about each and draw a picture.
  3. Then, slowly add water to cornstarch. Mix as water is added to the cornstarch.
  4. Take time to feel and play with the mixture! Dig in and use those hands! Students will discover there is something different about this mixture!
  5. Try to roll the mixture into a ball with your hands; then, watch what happens if you stop.
  6. Some other things to try: slap the mixture with a spoon, watch it drip between your hands, squeeze it hard, let it sit on a table for a minute, then try to pick it up, or try bouncing it like a ball on a hard surface.
  7. You may decide to have students write about the experiment when finished.
I will warn you this can get messy!

Cleanup Time: Use warm water to wash off hands and a wet rag to remove from any surface. If it gets on clothes (and it will!), just let it dry and it will peel off. Make sure to throw away; DO NOT pour it down a drain!

Happy Ooblecking!