All About Fall Books

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As I have mentioned before, I love for my students to make keepsakes in class, and these little books are one of my favorite things to make! We make them several times a year for different occasions and almost always for the different seasons. They’re easy to make, and a lot of learning and work goes into them!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 13″x9″ inch sheet of construction paper
  • Four sheets of writing paper (download one sheet here – each student will need one; just cut apart the four small pages)
  • Die-cut shape (depending on the book’s topic)
  • Laminator
  • Permanent Marker


  1. I always pre-make the books first. To make, cut a 13″x9″ sheet of construction paper. Glue a die-cut shape on the front, and laminate!
  2. Then, fold the sheet of construction paper in half. Place four sheets of writing paper inside and staple.
  3. Using a permanent marker, write the title of the book. I usually let the kids write their own name on the cover when they get their book.
  4. When making these books, we begin with the whole class participating in a brainstorming session. For the fall books, I wrote “Fall” in a big circle. Then, I made a bubble map with the following four sections: Clothes, Activities, Mother Nature, and Animals. We brainstormed for each section separately. We talked about how Fall affects the clothes we wear, activities we participate in, the weather/mother nature, and animals.
  5. After brainstorming, kids write two sentences about each topic. For example, they write two sentences about how the weather/mother nature is in Fall.
  6. When finished writing their sentences, they bring them to me/an assistant/volunteer to edit.
  7. Once their sentences are edited, students receive their book. They rewrite their sentences on each page, then illustrate and color each page.
  8. When finished, you might want students to share their books with other students in the class or send them home. Parents will love these adorable books!