Run, Don’t Walk, To Target!

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I took a little trip to my local Super Target this morning, and I have to share some amazing deals I found! The dollar spot is my favorite part of Target. They always have some great stuff in there. Well, today was no exception.

At my Super Target, the dollar section today was a mix of back to school supplies, Halloween merchandise, and food. Well, they had a sign up saying any back to school merchandise with a brown dot near the UPC was 50% off. Now, the back to school stuff was $1 to begin with. The teacher in me got all excited! Then, I noticed the sign said the sale was good only through the 14th of September…two days ago. I decided to take my chances anyway…the stuff was only a dollar to begin with anyway.

It was my lucky day though. I got these three awesome products for only 90 cents! Yes, they were only 30 cents each! You need to run to Target and see what you can find!

They also have additional math Bingo games such as division/multiplication, and addition and subtraction. I already had these, and they are great! They’re especially good to have on a rainy day.
I got the above activity books earlier this year, but my local Target had tons and tons of activity books. Everything from phonics, math, maps, science, and more! They’re not all Disney related either by the way. It’s definitely worth checking out. Kids love these books. You can use them for extra practice or for fun. Also, if you want, you can use these in the classroom for extra practice or centers. If you don’t want to make copies, you can laminate them or put them in sheet protectors so kids can write on them and wipe them off!

Target also had tons of flash cards on everything imaginable. Kids also love these. I bought a ton in the past for my classroom, and my students always loved any opportunity to go through them.

Furthermore, Target had giant foam clocks (super for teaching time; I have one that I love), class schedule wipe-off boards, small pocket charts, books (non-fiction and fiction…kids love them, and they’re great for small groups or the class library), lesson plan books, awesome puzzles (super for centers or rewards…again, kids love them), and more!

If you can, definitely visit Target and see what great finds you can find. These are great products for the home or classroom. Also, with the super-cheap prices, these products would make a great addition to any classroom. Teachers would absolutely love and appreciate any of these items, and for 30 cents, you can’t beat it!

Let me know what awesome deals you find at your local Target! Check back in over the weekend to see what awesome things you can do with the counter blocks.