Family Tree Keepsake

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Nothing is more precious than a child’s drawing or writing, and what better way to capture it than a family tree? This adorable activity is sure to be a favorite childhood keepsake.


1. After doing a Social Studies lesson on family or a theme on families, culminate with this fun activity! Explain to your child/students what a family tree is, then pass out this sheet.Link
2. As a class, work on each step together. The first two boxes are for a child’s father’s parents. The next two top boxes are for a child’s mother’s parents. After drawing their picture, they will write their name below. It’s always cute to see what name a child writes and how they spell it!

3. The next row of boxes belong to a child’s father and mother. Again, they will write their name below the boxes.

4. Third, the final box is for the child. They will draw a picture of themselves and write their name below.

5. If a child is not an only child, they will need to draw additional boxes for their other family members. Some students choose to draw a box for their pets as well.

6. At school, you may choose to hang these up on a bulletin board or laminate them for a gift for parents. At home, you may also want to laminate these or put them in a sheet protector. It would be a cute idea to do one of these each year to note the changes in your family or to watch your child’s growth and progress!