Autumn Leaves Are Falling! - Free Resources!

September 22, 2012

Does anyone else find it impossible to believe that today is the first day of Fall?  Seriously, where did the time go?!?  As I still try to wrap my mind around this, here is a FREE packet containing resources for any Fall/Autumn Unit.  I hope some of you might be able to use these ideas with your kiddos next week!

Challenging Addition/Subtraction Worksheet

Autumn Acrostic Poem

Fall Fluency Sheet

Fall Book Writing Activity

-Fall Book Writing Activity
-Fall Bubble Map
-Fall Book Writing Activity Bubble Map
-Fall Fluency Sheet
-Fall ABC Order Sheet
-Fall Fill-in-the-Blank Sheet
-Autumn Acrostic Poem Sheet
-Fall Math/Addition and Subtraction Challenge Sheet
-Fall Technology Links and Book Suggestions

If you're in need of any Johnny Appleseed ideas, remember to check out my Johnny Appleseed Unit here!

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