Language Arts

Apple: The Four Components of Reading
Talk Strategies
Comprehension: Mental Movies
Titanic Fluency Freebie Packet
Samson's Classroom Review
Building A Reader At Home Parent Handout
First Grade Reading Interventions
Make Your Own Comprehension Cubes
Fluency Strips
Working with ELL Students in the Classroom
Main Idea Lesson

Book Suggestions and Activities:
Flat Stanley
Scaredy Squirrel
Robert Munsch
Officer Buckle & Gloria

Counting Syllables
Spelling Inventory
Phonics Generalizations
Phonics Generalization Mini-Lesson
Blends Blender
Sight Word Bottle Caps
Making Words Folder
Sight Words and Phonics Interventions
How To Make Spelling Fun Parent Handout
Using A Syllable/Segmenting Box

Making Writing Exciting
Writing At Home Parent Handouts

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