Camp Learned A Lot - Day 5

May 26, 2018

Sadly, Camp Learned A Lot comes to a close today but it has been a wonderful week full of review and memories!

As with our previous days, we began with our Morning Meeting at the campfire.  I call students to the carpet during Camp Learned A Lot week by playing camp trumpets.  Then, we recited our Camp Motto.  This is just a fun chant we recite each day at the beginning and end of camp.

The motto I use:
Everywhere we go
People who want to know
Who We Are
So We Tell Them
We are Camp Learned A Lot
The Mighty, Mighty First Graders!  

Then, we went around the campfire and shared our favorite memory from Camp Learned A Lot.  

This morning I read Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping.  I loved Amelia Bedelia as a child and always read the books to my classes.  The books provide many opportunities to discuss figures of speech.  

After our read aloud, it was time for Flashlight Reading!  I asked students to bring in a flashlight today.  I paired students up and they were able to spread around the room with their book bins and read in the dark.  I also played a river scene on my Promethean Board for effect.  Some students even asked me if they could tell their own stories (just like they had seen me model during campfire stories) to their partner!  It was so much fun to watch them create their own "scary' stories.

Afterward, we talked about how our families had been sending us mail all week and now we were going to write them!  I gave each student a blank postcard template.  They decorated the front with a memory from Camp Learned A Lot and on the back wrote a letter for their family.  You could laminate and send these through the mail, but I just put a sticker on the stamp location and sent these home with the kiddos.  They turned out so adorable!

Once our postcards were written, we learned a new camp song!  Today's was Baby Shark! 

We ended our Camp Learned A Lot week by taking home our Camp Journals and sitting around the campfire one last time for a campfire story.  The kiddos were so sad to see this week end, but I know they will have memories for years to come!

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