Working With ELL Students in the Classroom

November 24, 2014

English Language Learners (ELL) are a joy to work with!  Sometimes, though, it's easy to feel unsure as to whether or not you are meeting their needs in the classroom.  Many college programs do not address ELL in-depth and only cover them in a lesson or two.  Today's classroom has changed greatly from what it was ten years ago, much less twenty years ago.  Today, there are many English Language Learns in the classroom, and these students are expected to meet the same Standards and take the same tests as natural born English speakers.  It's certainly a challenge but one that can most definitely be tackled.  In this post, you will find information explaining the varying language proficiency levels and methods you can use as a classroom teacher to support these students.

Using a Part-Part-Whole Workmat to Count On

November 04, 2014

The Common Core Standards ask students to explore number relationships and see numbers as parts that are put together.  To help with this, part-part-whole workmats are used.  Below is a lesson using them to teach students how to count on and why counting on is an effective method to solve problems.

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