Money Posters

August 26, 2013

Just a quick note that I have updated my Money Posters.  The included worksheets now have new font changes.  If you have purchased this set before, you'll want to go to your "My Purchases" and download the update.  You can also purchase this set here.

Back-to-School Sale!

August 17, 2013

The wait is finally over!  The TpT Back to School Sale has been announced! 
There won't be another sale for awhile, so this is a great time to stock up on things you will be teaching during the next several months.  My entire store is on sale, but here are a few items in particular that will be helpful in the coming months:

United States Reading, Comprehension, and Geography Packet

August 11, 2013

Ok.  Am I the only who can't believe that it is August already?!?  It feels like May was just yesterday.  Where did the time go?  I've spent the summer travelling, setting and breaking exercise goals, and spending WAY too much time scrolling through Hulu and Netflix.  Can I also just say that I am completely addicted to Minute To Win It?!?  Ohmygosh!  I caught a few episodes several years ago but never really paid it much mind.  Several weeks ago I just happened to watch an episode on Hulu, and I am now addicted!  I want to organize a Minute To Win It party. Haha!  I HAVE to try some of these games out! Has anyone done this?  I've seen glimpses of how some teachers have incorporated the game into their classrooms.  Now that I'm a total Minute To Win It addict, I'm going to have to read up on the classroom version!

Educents Back to School Deal

August 01, 2013

It's FINALLY here!  If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know what I'm talking about.  For the last several days I have been dropping hints that something HUGE was coming on August 1.  Well, the wait is over, and I'm so happy and excited to announce that the big surprise is an Educents Back to School Deal for Grades 2 & 3!

If you haven't heard of Educents before, it is basically a Groupon for teachers.  They offer major deals for educational products during a limited time period.

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