The 101st Anniversary of the Titanic Sinking

April 09, 2013

Last year was the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster.  This year's 101st anniversary, which is Monday, April 15th, isn't a major occasion, but it's an important historical date nonetheless.  Kids today are still fascinated by the ship and its story. 
To mark the 100th anniversary last year, I created a mini Titanic unit.  I thought I would share it again this year incase some of you might want to use it with your class or own children at home. :-)

Titanic Booklet

It Includes:
*Titanic Emergent Reader (Color Copy)
*Titanic Emergent Reader (Black and White Copy)
*Titanic Fluency Sheet (Easier Reading)
*Titanic Written Comprehension Questions
*Titanic Fluency Sheet (Challenge Reading)
*Titanic Written Comprehension Questions
*Finding Titanic Fluency Sheet
*Finding Titanic Written Comprehension Questions
*Titanic Facts Student Reader
*Titanic Bubble Map
*Titanic's Maiden Voyage Bubble Map
*The Sinking of Titanic Bubble Map
*Finding Titanic Bubble Map
*Titanic Book Activity (Craft and Writing) - Instructions, Patterns, and Templates
*Titanic Book Suggestions
*Titanic Web Site Suggestions
Click Below To Download:
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