Cyber Monday Sale!

November 25, 2012

It's that time again... time for the Teachers Pay Teachers Cyber Monday and Bonus Tuesday Sale!  I'm ready to empty my wish list!  How about you?!?

Celebrating Christmas & Other Holidays Around The World

November 21, 2012

It's been a little while since my last blog post.  I've suddenly hit a cleaning/organization craze.  I consider myself to be somewhat of an organization nut but every now and then, I'll get some divine inspiration and ideas that I must do immediately.  A few weeks ago I finally succumbed and jumped into the Thirty-One craze after being on the lookout for a new teacher bag.  I must say I'm in love!  I ended up buying two of the Organizing Utility Tote bags (one as my school/home bag and the other as travelling bag).  Oh my gosh, they're awesome!  In the past I've always had so much stuff thrown on top of each other that I never can find exactly what I'm looking for.  With my new bags this isn't the case!  The organizing pockets on the outside are perfect for holding pens and markers, my personal belongings, etc. while the heavy-duty stuff goes on the inside.  No more messy and torn papers for me!

Pumpkin Day

November 04, 2012

I'm a few days late posting about Pumpkin Day.  I had intended to blog about this day prior to Halloween but I just haven't had time to until now.  So, please bare with me that this is an "already came and gone" post...maybe there will be an idea or two here that you can use next year though!

A lot of schools can't exactly celebrate Halloween anymore... no parties, no costumes (although some do a "Dress Up Like A Book Character Day"), and no treat bags.  Since kids absolutely love Halloween though (and I do too!), here is an alternative to skirt around the day and instead celebrate "Pumpkin Day". 
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